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EarthImprovement Day - Crime thriller.

Jacob Hard is a man obsessed with one idea: Revenge over the biker gang that killed his wife and son, leaving him for dead. Parallel him, Homicide Detective Mark Hauer.
Two axes to grind, and one stone to grind them on.

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LoveDark - Dark fantasy, with elements of romance, horror, and science fiction.
Earth is a post-apocalyptic wasteland, Baby Sister has been kidnapped, and Pap must master the magic of his own universe, solving the riddle of another universe's magic.
Pap may be the next Keeper of the Dead, but whose soul must he ultimately Keep?

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BurntOfferings - A collection of 20 short stories—15 previously published in print and online, 5 original to this volume—bridged together by a larger narrative.

"I thought this novel would work out well if I could find the perfect vehicle to drive my characters. Would a hospital psych ward do?"
From Native American legend, urban detective, science fiction, to magic and love; alongside vampires, barbarians, presidents, elves, and (walking talking) toys. A little something for everyone.

AndJesus Wept - Horror.

Judas Iscariot, two-thousand-years cursed to walk among us for his betrayal of the Christ, is about to get his second chance. He receives for the second time in his long lonely life thirty silver coins. Thirty possibilities to save the living universe itself.
Judas must walk west, from New York to central Iowa, the small town of Eisais. At each stop along his journey he gives someone a coin. Thirty conscripts in the war to come. One coin, though, chooses its possessor. Lovely sixteen-year-old Tamera Ditters. Profoundly autistic Tamera, a little girl with the living universe in her head.

LonelyHero Thing - The Chronicles of Ian Duncan ‑ Book One - Urban fantasy.

Ian Duncan. Millionaire. He owns a brew pub and a restaurant. He’s also Earth’s paladin. A man with a named sword, magical powers, and a little voice in his head only he can hear.
Beneath the deepest roots of Des Moines, Iowa there exists a city of the dead and damned. In this necropolis is a child yet to be born. This child’s blood, once shed, will open the gates of Hell.

Ancient,Evil, Hungry - The Chronicles of Ian Duncan ‑ Book Two - Urban fantasy.

The action never stops in this thriller second installment of The Chronicles of Ian Duncan. Avatara. The Earth Father. An immortal soul in a mortal shell.
Old Ones have appeared in the city, Sheena is still healing, Olympian gods and goddesses are thrown into the mix, and the baby needs a name. That’s when Fate appears, bringing with him Pukey the cat. His daughter’s cat. It always has been, and always will be her cat. Is there such a thing as a cat god?
Did Lovecraft have it right? Are we doomed?

5 - Dark Fantasy - Five deliciously dark stories.

A man seeking revenge.
Another aspires to rule the world.
A Dark Warrior appears on Earth.
Just where did that little demon dolly come from?
A young girl prays for death, becoming more than she bargained for.

5 More - Dark Fantasy

A man with ultimate power.
A hit man researches his target.
What it takes to change the world.
An ancient being learns the absolute truth.
One man takes his reality to the extreme.

Another 5 - Dark Fantasy

Santa's little helper tracks a killer.
What does it mean to be the President?
Remember your evil gym teacher? Who was she really?
That crazy little thing called love.
When one killer meets another.

Again, 5 - Dark Fantasy

The truth behind Roswell.
Humanity stands tall.
Another world joins the fight.
A prime example of the darkness within.
Two toys need their owner.

One Last 5 - Dark Fantasy

An old PI discovers God works in mysterious ways.
What is the nature of a vindictive soul?
Is the human race ready?
What it means to get a fresh start.
Are you willing to risk everything for immortality?

ShiftChange - Horror.

Richard Edwards grew up an orphan. He spent a couple of tours in Vietnam. He became a die‑hard biker, and never married. Now in his late fifties, something has found him and wants him dead. Something has found him and wants him alive.
The truth behind faith and reality are about to collide, and the fate of the universe is at stake.

Nightstriders have been with us since the birth of human thought. They are the rare right hand of God on Earth. They are the top of the mortal food chain. They protect us from evil.

ThePre-dead Saga - Horror, fantasy, science fiction. Two novels as one.

Ripley King’s Burnt Offerings is a collection of 20 short stories, bridged together by a larger narrative. And Jesus Wept is the stand-alone sequel. Read together, in order, they tell a powerful story of good vs evil. Ordinary people caught in the deadly crosshairs of extraordinary events.
One must live, and one must die. The trick is to accomplish both, all without lifting a finger. It’s as simple as one angel’s task, becoming one man’s burden.

5Omnibus Edition - Mixed genre.

Immortality. Paranormal private investigators. Revenge. Then add in vampires, and so much more. The heart of darkness beats strong here with twenty-five (25) of the best short stories from Ripley King.


Alicein Sexland - Hardcore XXX sexual satire.

Eighteen and bored out of her mind is Alice. She's about to meet Rabbit, a short but naughty little babe with long white rabbit ears, seemingly growing out of either side of her head.
Of course there is the mostly human-shaped Chesha Cat. Naughty, fuzzy and orange, this girl has cat ears and a cat tail, and can vanish on a whim.
It's down the rabbit hole and into Sexland, where the animals can be decent conversationalists, a caterpillar can be a host with the most, and surf and turf can belt out more than few swinging numbers.

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