Monday, December 12, 2016

My Holiday Gift To You

READ for FREE! Use the link to the right!

In this holiday season, during the cold, cold days when the sun doesn't seem to shine, with only a nice blankie to properly warm your bones, correctly plugged in, probably on a setting of one, one and a half, I want you to sip something with marshmallows floating in it, and read something that in the end is fuzzy. Yes, I finished posting Love Dark over at Wattpad. All chapters, and the back matter can lead you to my other books. You can also come back here and use my Rip's Book page to find a link. Remember, I'm not at Amazon anymore.

If you're a member at Wattpad you can read and vote, and leave a comment or two on the chapters themselves. If you are not a member, you can still read the book from start to finish, you just can't vote or comment.

It's FREE!

And, you might find it fun.

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