Wednesday, November 16, 2016


My most popular page here has always been the vintage 1950's GE Waffle Maker,
and that’s now gone.

I did make a video as I processed the item, after I confirmed the buyer’s address
was the same as their shipping address. I always confirm the buyer’s addy is the
same as the shipping addy, otherwise I would have to refund their payment. There
are numerous videos out there by various sellers that talk about why the buyer’s
addy should always match their shipping addy, and all of them say it’s for the
seller’s protection.

First I showed the item in the video, then I showed that the item worked when
plugged in. I then boxed it (once it cooled), with cord, showing both in the box,
and used plenty of packing peanuts. After that I showed the mailing labels, which
will not come off the box, being under the packing tape. I then mailed it to the
buyer, and emailed the buyer with the tracking number, and again thanked the
buyer by name. ( Edit: I confirmed delivery, and took a screen shot of the USPS
tracking and confirmation info. )

As for my other news, that long loud scream you might have heard last night was
me. I found a big typo in the first published part of my new line of XXX erotica,
under the pen name Nikki Blood.

Needless to say I fixed the typo, bumped up the sample you can read to 20%, and
now I’m working on part two of this ongoing serial. Right now it's only on Smashwords.

Also, Love Dark now has 38 chapters up. Check them out.

If you see something you like, it’s first come first served. I only have one of each.
Read my policies page, sign up to my newsletter, look over my products, and buy
something you love. If not you, someone else will beat you to it.

And don’t hesitate to read a sample of my many books, and actually buy the book
that interests you. It’s the only way to find out how the story ends.

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