Monday, October 24, 2016

In Review

That’s what I've been doing. I decided to delete one of the Project Wonderful’s ad boxes,
because sometimes more isn’t always better. I may have to delete another box, and
just stick with two ad boxes, but this is one of those times size actually matters.
Two of my ad boxes were underperforming, or so I was informed by PW. In many
ways I expected this. Project Wonderful is helping me fine-tune what I need, with
what I have.

On the policy page, I spell out what I’m willing to do for customers, and I based
that on what my products actually are. I deal in antiques, rare and wonderful
vintage items, and I deal in collectibles. I only have one of each, and the condition
of each item can be excellent, it can be fine, good, or even just so-so. I’m priced
competitively from what I’ve seen elsewhere, taking into account the condition of
each item. When I say all sales are final, it’s for my protection.

There are some real horror stories out there from other sellers. Stuff that would
make your hair turn white.

Here’s the thing. A real and honest buyer, they just want their product. Thieves,
they just want my product, and they will do anything and say anything to get it for
free. I have to be pro-active. When you look at it from my point of view, it makes

In the last few days I made more money with my books than I did with Amazon,
exclusive or not, it didn’t matter, than I did in the last year. Now that’s what I call
sweet. I can and will do more to see that I succeed without Amazon. I’ll blog more
about that as I go along. I can only hope I get some honest reviews out of these

I’m doing what I can with what little I got. I went from zero USD, to $25.00 USD
in one month. Everything I’m doing right now online, I’m doing it all for free, or
on the cheap. I spent $20.00 on just one ad. Next month will be interesting. I want
to buy two ads, one for my picks, and one for my books. The book ad will take
potential customers straight to my iBooks store. I also want an ad that will lead
people straight my Barnes&Noble store. Eventually I will have three ads up and
running with Project Wonderful. Each ad doing just what I need it to do.

If you see something you like, it’s first come first served. I only have one of each.
Read my policies page, sign up to my newsletter, look over my products, and buy
something you love. If not you, someone else will beat you to it.

And don’t hesitate to read a sample of my many books, and actually buy the book
that interests you. It’s the only way to find out how the story ends.

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