Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Who, What, and Why

Rip’s Picks is me, Ripley King, and I’m a 55 year-old man who’s tired of living
well below the poverty line for a family of two. My wife is disabled, and we get a
government stipend and food stamps, for which I’m grateful. But, it’s not me. I
should be able to pay my own way, and still take care of my wife. My wife and
me, we’ve decided that we want a tiny house, sitting on a few acres we own
outright, and our garden back.

I was renting a house from my mother who had promised to sign the house over to
me, but she passed away before that could happen. I had a house, a big yard, my
massive garden, and I miss that life. Now I have a nice apartment about the size I
would want my tiny house to be (think small double-car garage). Only, I can’t grill out.
There is no real place I can sit outside and drink a morning cup of coffee. There is
no real privacy.

To get back to the tiny house for a moment, my idea is to build on a foundation or
slab a house about the same size as my now apartment. The roof line will hold two
decent rooms as an upstairs. I want a flush toilet.

And I love the green tiny house movement, but to be legal you have to have so
many square feet if you put your house on a foundation or slab, and be hooked up
to the various utilities like water and electric. The thing is, you don’t have to use
them. I can use well water, and I can produce my own electricity. I’m legal, but I
can still go as green as I want.

I’m an amateur picker. I see something that’s old or cool, and if I can get it for
little or nothing, that’s what I do. I look for the wow, the resell value, and price my
collection accordingly. My descriptions may not be the best, but I’ll improve with
time. The prices are researched using the web, and if I know my quality and price
match, I’m good to go.

I also have 16 published e-books for sell, yet people don’t know I exist. Most of
what I write is horror, dark fantasy, one crime thriller, and one XXX erotica. I’ll
have my books page rebuilt, probably right after I post this. It’s always free to read
the samples as part of that Look Inside feature at Amazon, or read the entire novels
using your KindleUnlimited subscription. The one thing I can’t do is twist your

In order for me to tell people I exist, I have to buy ads. It’s hard to buy ads when
you live on squat and food stamps.

I’ve adopted a strategy of throwing things against the wall to see what sticks. Yes,
I could have done eBay, but I would rather have my own store. I want to control
what I do, and save on all those crappy fees. I’ll start small, and work my way up.

There’s more to this wall-sticking thing, but that’s for another day.

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